Python Developer Salary

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Python Developer Salary

Vinay Khatri
Last updated on August 3, 2022

    Python is one of the most popular High-Level programming languages, and there is a bright future for python developers. It is a very versatile programming language that covers many areas of computer science from web-development to Machine learning, so it promises many Job Opportunities to its developer. When we say Job the first thing strike is the Salary and there are many factors that affect the salary of a python developer. The first thing which affects the salary of a Python developer is for which purpose is he using python and after that, there are many other aspects too. Here in this article, we have covered the various aspects related to the python developer Job and its salary.

    Who is a Python Developer?

    A person who uses python to build applications, set logic, linking applications to third-part web service or to integrate python is known as a Python developer. In simple term is a person use Python programming language to build something is a python developer. Whether you use python for web development or to build logic for machine learning, you considered as a python developer. Though python is primarily used to build back-end web application and data science, yet there are many other platforms where we use python such as we can build games with python or even use it for Scripting.

    Treading Python Jobs

    Versatility is one of the main features of Python which make it open for various platform, this means there are many platforms in computer science where we can use python and for each platform, we have specific Jobs.

    • Data Scientist (using python)
    • Data Analyst (using python)
    • Machine Learning (using python)
    • Artificial Intelligence Engineer (using Python)
    • Web Developer (using Python)
    • Software Developer or Engineer (using python)

    Data Scientist

    Data Scientist and Data Analyst sometimes sounds similar but they are not you can say that data scientist is the upgrade version of Data Analyst. A data Scientist deals with data analyzing, data manipulation, data interpretation, data models, etc. A data scientist uses python as a tool for fetching and interpreting the data, a data scientist must be acquitted with mathematical concepts such as probability and statistics. A data scientist must know how to use python libraries such as TensorFlow, sci-kit-learn etc. A data scientist using his skills, data, and python create models that used to predict the future outcome. Many fields of data scientist intercept with Machine learning concepts.

    Data Analyst

    A Data Analyst is a person who analyses data and interprets valuable information from that data. To analyze Data, we need tools that can fetch the data and arrange it according to the developer, for that we use python. As we know that python has a large number of libraries, for data analysis and visualization python has manly libraries such as NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, seaborn, etc. To be a Data Analysist you should have the complete knowledge of basic python along with NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib libraries and mathematic statistic concepts.

    Machine Learning Engineer

    As we have told that a python is just a tool, which is used to interact with the machine. In machine learning we also use python and some of its libraries such as TensorFlow and Scikit to apply the concept of the machine learning algorithm. Apart from python and its library, a Machine learning engineer must be acquitted with mathematical concepts such as Statistics, Probability, Calculus, etc. In machine learning mathematics play a vital role to solve the real-world problem and python is just a medium to implement those solutions. Machine learning has many algorithms that a Machine learning engineer should be familiar with. At last, its all depend on the engineer who comes with the different and efficient algorithms that can contribute to machine learning development.

    Artificial Intelligence

    Machine Learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence, so the Artificial Intelligence engineer must know all the concepts of Machine learning and all of its algorithm. AI also deal with Deep learning and Neural network which mean an AI engineer must be someone with great knowledge and problem-solving skills. AI contains many complex algorithms and what programming language rather than Python could be appropriate for this.

    Web Developer (Using Python)

    In web development, more specifically in back end web development python has great use to create web applications that can handle the data in the web. Python has many interesting and powerful web frameworks such as Django, Flask, Pyramid which are used to create dynamic web applications.  Many big tech companies like Google, Instagram uses python framework for their web applications.

    Software Developer

    A python software developer uses core or basic python and some GUI libraries like Tkinter to make software for different platforms. Python does not have much effect on the software development market because there are many other programming languages that are doing great in this field. This could be possible that in the coming year's python also has a market in platform wise software development.

    Python Developer Salary:

    There are various factors on which the salary of a python developer can vary, and one of the most common influences is the type of Job, as we know that every person is paid according to the type of job he is performing in the company. There is no doubt that a Machine learning engineer who uses python will be paid more than a python backend developer, but this case is not always true either, the experienced python back-end developer could be paid more than an unexperienced machine learning engineer. That’s why we considered various factor to evaluate the salary of a python developer, yet there are some standard which does not consider other factors rather than the type of Job and calculate the average salary of the Python developer according to the types of job they are performing, there you will clearly see that hot topics such as AI and Machine learning engineer paid a lot more than any other python developer. Python Salary Based on:

    • Experience
    • Location
    • Skill Sets

    1. Based on Experience:

    Experience plays a vital role to decide the salary of a python developer, you could see it by yourself when you join a company, there is no doubt that a Sr. Python developer would be paid more than a Jr. Python developer no matter what the skill sets both have. Here experience relates to the number of years you have given to python.

    Experience level Salary Per Annum (In the US)
    Intern Min $59,888 Max $111,605 (includes all types of Python Jobs)
    Mid-Level $117,940 (includes all types of Python Jobs)
    Sr. Python Developer Min $132,789 Max $145,923(includes all types of Python Jobs)

    For a standard salary, we have taken the location of the United State.

    2. Based on Skill Set

    Experience does not matter that much, if you do not upgrade your skills, all your experience can go in vain. Your Skills set can reduce the time to get a job as a Sr. python developer, many developers are Sr. python developer because their skills set rather than their experience. To improve your Skillset you can learn other tools which can integrate with python such as Learn AWS with Django.

    3. Based on Location

    The salary of a Developer can also vary with the location where he is working, for example, the developer works at Google California would be paid more than a Developer Google India, the location matter. The average salary of a developer in the USA is $112k per year and in India, in the best location, the average salary is 734K rupee per year.

    Location Average Salary
    California(US) $122K
    New York(US) $121K
    Washington(US) $116K
    Virginia(US) $115K
    Maryland $112K
    Gurgaon(India) Rs 734K
    Bangalore(India) Rs 664K
    New Delhi(India) Rs 591K
    Pune(India) Rs 545K
    Mumbai(India) Rs 545K

    Average Python Developer Salary Comparison to Other Programming Languages | 2017-2019

    Python developers are in Demand because of the use of python in various platforms, and currently on Stack overflow Python rank 3 rd as the most popular programming language. If we compare python to other programming languages the number of python Jobs posted every month is raising and the average salary of python developers also increasing.

    Programming Language Average Salary (US $) Number of Jobs
    Ruby on Rails 122,149 1800
    Perl 121,428 3000
    Python 118,124 24,000
    C++ 114,148 8,000
    JavaScript 113,730 24,000
    Java 103,460 25,000
    .NET 93,714 12,000
    PHP 83,925 8,000


    Where you are using Python for Web-development or machine learning there is Job for every python developer. Yes, you will get paid more for Machine learning and Data Science, but if you are experienced with full-stack web development your salary can raise salary. No matter what, python promises a bright future to all of its developers.

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