Requirements For Guest Blog Article

You are required to adhere to the following guidelines while writing your article for TechGeekBuzz. Content not sticking to the given requirements below will NOT be published. It is the writer’s responsibility to edit the article and accommodate the below-mentioned rules or as directed by our editor.

Keep It Simple

  1. We publish content focussed on practical knowledge as hands-on experience enhances learning.
  2. Include code, data-sets, images, and screenshots wherever needed to make it easier for the reader to understand the concepts.
  3. Write in a narrative manner if possible, use examples wherever you can. Using real-life examples and applications is a plus.
  4. You may refer to YouTube or TedX for your content, and paraphrase in your own words. DO NOT COPY THE CONTENT !!

Note: Plagiarised Article Will be Rejected AT First Editing Stage Only.

Write in Comprehensive Manner

  1. We cover every edge of the given topic and make sure the resource is straightforward and easy to understand by the readers.
  2. The word count of the article usually ranges from 1500 to 4000 words. Please do not stuff the article with redundant words to reach a particular word count, such articles will not be accepted either.
  3. We are known to offer quality content that is precise and accurate in the tech industry, and so we expect to match the bar when you submit your work.
  4. We follow a simple writing style, use layman language wherever you can to attract the general audience as well.


  1. It is recommended that you point the links in your article to internal posts on our website.
  2. Use third-party links only for evidence and statistics.
  3. Refer only authentic and credible resources including research studies, and publications. Do not use Wikipedia.
  4. Linking your business in the article is not permitted. We provide linking your business services in the author’s bio.
  5. We are authoritative to edit or remove any content that we find promotional or sketchy.

Easy to Read

  1. Improve the readability by using short paragraphs, containing 4-5 sentences.
  2. When referring to subtopics use subheadings wherever possible.
  3. Use relevant formatting like bold, italic, numbered and ordered list, underline and quotes to make it presentable and hence readable.
  4. Write percentages and numbers as digits.
  5. Refer to the Oxford comma format.
  6. Make the heading noticeable by capitalizing the first alphabet of every word(except prepositions).

Use Explanatory Images

  1. Make sure the image is 650 pixels wide and 400 pixels tall when featuring it in the article.
  2. Use center alignment for photos within the blog if not aligned with the text.
  3. Set default display size to “large”.
  4. Upload at least one image per blog.
  5. Label every image with a brief description.
  6. Please take approval from our editorial staff before using charts, graphs or illustrations from other websites.
  7. If the images have a brand logo or any watermark of other websites or company then they would be rejected.

Author Bio/ Profile

  1. Biographical Information: This information is attached to every blog post that goes live on our website. Make it short and describe yourself briefly within 200 characters.
  2. Your personal website or company name of if any along with URL can also be mentioned and submitted.
  3. Photograph- A 200 x 200 profile photograph. (photograph with a plain background or a portrait is preferred)
  4. Social Profiles: You are advised to give links to your social profiles so as people could connect with you.

Guest Post Submission Process

Step -1

Read the contributor page thoroughly and submit at least 3 Blog post topic ideas using the form given. Note the topics that we cover in our blogs and plan your topics accordingly. Use an article topic that is different and is not already been used on our site. You may research this by visiting our website.

Step - 2

We shall notify you once your submitted article is shortlisted for publishing. We would provide you with the date as well when it is published and the corresponding link to your article as well. Kindly provide the list of at least 3-5 article topics that you would be interested to write. We would pick the most appropriate for the audience consulting our editorial and SEO team.

Step - 3

You are required to submit your article in the form of an editable Google doc once we approve your article.

Step - 4

Our technical editor will get in touch with you with guidance and recommendations if any to further improve the article to suit our readers. Content that doesn’t align with the given guidelines will be rejected, and so you are free to submit elsewhere if required.

Step - 5

Once the changes have been incorporated as suggested by our editorial team we shall schedule your blog post as per our editorial calendar and inform you once it is published.

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