10 Best Free Python Hosting Services You Should Check in 2022

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10 Best Free Python Hosting Services You Should Check in 2022

Akhil Bhadwal
Last updated on December 8, 2022

    After you develop your web application, the next step is hosting. To make your application accessible to the world, you need to host or publish it on the internet. To do so, you need a reliable hosting platform. A poor Python hosting platform is a perfect recipe for failure. You’ll end up losing more than you gain.

    Python frameworks like Django and CherryPy are among the most used in web application development. In fact, Django is used by nearly 15% of developers in the world .

    This can be attributed to the fact that Python is a fairly simple, object-oriented, and straightforward programming language. It has features like garbage collection, dynamic typing, and interpretation.

    Popular companies like Google, Facebook, Quora, Paypal, and many more, primarily leverage Python for web development. In fact, Google uses it as its official server-side language, along with Java, Go, and C++.

    In this article, we will walk you through the 10 best python hosting platforms. However, first, let us see why you need hosting in the first place.

    Why Do You Need a Python Hosting Platform?

    As a developer, you are certainly aware that web development occurs on a local host. However, once it is done, you need to publish your application on the web so that other people can access it.

    You can do that in the following two ways:

    • Use ngrok

    You can use ngrok to connect your local host with a tunnel. It becomes possible for other people to access it using a URL. That’s not a very good way of hosting because it requires you to keep the program constantly running.

    However, if you do not want your web application to be accessed all the time and only want people to access the local host for a few hours, you can go with it.

    • Use a third-party server

    The second option is to host your code on another server. This somebody else's server is referred to as the hosting platform. Such servers execute your code 24 hours a day, seven days a week at a specified domain.

    A good hosting company will spare you from the stress, suffering, and time wastage that comes with a poorly operating website. Furthermore, it will defend your site against malware, phishing attempts, and other attacks when the Internet is more susceptible than ever before. Plans start at $4 per month. However, you can also pay hourly at $0.005 per hour.

    10 Best Free Python Hosting

    1. Kamatera Express

    Kamatera Express is the first choice on our list. It enables you to create servers in less than 60 seconds. The best part about it is that it is scalable, which means that you can start small and clone more servers (up to 100) as you grow. It has nearly 13 data centers across four continents which offer ultimate performance and availability.

    The company offers reliability and guarantees 99.95% of up-time. It lets you run your server on the most recent CPUs, which are up to 300% more powerful than prior version CPUs. Kamatera Express has the highest networking performance of 40 Gbit/s per sever.

    You will get a 30-day free trial, so you can experience their hosting services without spending a dime.

    2. A2 Hosting

    A2 Hosting is an ultra-reliable and blazing fast hosting service that has been winning awards and customers ever since its inception in 2003. They offer different types of hosting services, which include shared web hosting, WordPress hosting, reseller hosting, dedicated hosting, and VPS hosting .

    A2 offers a full suite of domain registrations and management services. In addition, it provides software development solutions in their best versions, including PostgreSQL, Python, Apache, MySQL, MariaDB, PHP, PERL, Node.js, free SSL, SFTP/FTP, and SSH access.

    A2's exceptional server performance assists you in improving your SEO rankings, ctr, and bounce rates. You may also select your custom server location that is nearest to your region.

    Furthermore, A2 Hosting offers Extended DDoS Security to keep your website operational even amid sophisticated attacks. A2 Hosting guarantees 99.99 percent uptime, ensuring that your website is always online and users can access it without any hassle. However, if you are dissatisfied with the services, you can request a refund at any time.

    Paid plans start at $2.99 per month.

    3. Cloudzy

    With more than 15 locations across the globe, Cloudzy lets you choose the server closest to your area. This helps you reduce any latency. The connectivity is extremely reliable and stable, thanks to 5 Nines Uptime.

    Moreover, the servers are on top-tier infrastructure, which ensures that your workload is processed smoothly and on time. These Python VPS services allow you to work with prominent Python frameworks , such as Flask and Django, without any complications. It also provides you with a Linux hosting environment that you can use to realize the full capability of Python programming.

    Cloudzy is well-known for its 24-hour tech assistance; if you have any issues while using their Python hosting service, you may contact them. If you don’t like their services, the company offers a 7-day money-back guarantee. The paid plans start at $7.49 per month.

    4. FastComet

    FastComet is one of the best and the most affordable Python hosting platforms as it provides practically every type of hosting. It has its data centers across 11 different locations in America, Europe, and Asia. There are specialized solutions for WordPress, Joomla, and a few others, all of which cost just like ordinary shared hosting.

    It provides a choice of cloud VPS plans plus dedicated server alternatives for someone with more resource-intensive sites or who receives greater amounts of traffic (or both).

    Also, it offers features like rapid scalability, control panel cPanel, restoration, and free backups with all VPS hosting packages.

    Some major security features it includes are account isolation, malware detection, a web app firewall, Brute Force Protection , removal, and DDoS detection.

    FastComet provides one-click app installation of nearly 450 apps. It provides DIY solutions, including development tools with more than 20 frameworks.

    This hosting platform guarantees an uptime of approximately 99.99% for your email, website, and core services. All plans of FastComet come with a free SSL certificate, and you can purchase more expensive certificates as well. They also provide a website builder at reasonable rates. Plans start at $2.49 per month.

    5. Heroku

    Heroku is a cloud platform that you can use to build Pythionic apps as well as APIs using popular frameworks, including Falcon, Twisted, Tornado, and more. Also, it lets you deploy your applications from Git, continuous integration (CI) systems, or GitHub. It runs all apps in a flexible, protected, and intelligent container called Dyno.

    You may also select your desired Python version. Control programs using a rich dashboard or a command-line interface. This platform is ideal for developers, startups, and businesses of all sizes. Moreover, it comes with a wide range of pre-integrated services, including MongoDB, Fastly, New Relic, ClearDB MySQL, and many more.

    You can troubleshoot issues by monitoring CPU, bandwidth, turnaround time, and memory with App Metrics. View all published deploys and revert to prior versions if necessary. However, it is a quite expensive hosting platform with the least expensive plan being $25 and up per month.

    6. Chemicloud

    Chemicloud offers SSD disks for 300 percent faster access to files and databases, as well as a lifelong free domain. Enjoy quicker page loading times and lower latency, allowing your users to effortlessly access your website. This is feasible since they have 8 separate server locations worldwide.

    Besides, it offers a free SSL certificate for your site, which will offer protection as well as SEO advantages. You may even use their conversion expertise to transfer your email, website, and other services. You may also rely on Chemicloud's email service, which is linked with MailChannels.

    Chemicloud improves security and performance by utilizing advanced technologies such as PHP 7, LiteSpeed, and HTTP/2. These features aid in improving your SEO rankings on Google while providing the greatest visitor experience possible. They also offer free daily scheduled backups, virus protection, one-click restorations and backups, and a variety of other services.

    The hosting is pocket-friendly and plans start at $4.48 per month.

    7. PythonAnywhere

    Their basic subscription offers you access to computers that already have a full Python environment installed. Without installing software or managing your own server, you may build and host your site or other code straight from your browser.

    Simply create your application. There is no need to install or manage a web server because everything is already set up and prepared to go. All you need is only a browser and an internet connection to get started.

    PythonAnywhere is a comprehensive Python environment that is ready to use for teachers and students – focus on education, not installation.

    It also offers you rapid installers for installing popular Python frameworks, including Bottle, Flask, Django, and web2copy. They can function with numerous WSGI modules that are already installed. It also provides multiple options for extensibility that you can select as your organization expands.

    You may also use a browser to launch console sessions or even develop programs. PythonAnywhere covers Python versions 2.7 to 3.6, as well as the deliciousness that comes with Python installs.

    Moreover, it incorporates popular Python libraries, including Mechanize, SciPy, NumPy, pycrypto, and more. PythonAnywhere's infrastructure is hosted on a robust Amazon EC2 server. The plans are affordable and start at as low as $5 per month.

    8. NodeChef

    NodeChef's Python hosting solution is built on managed containers that install and execute Python programs quickly with various add-ons, including PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL, Redis, and many others. App deployments are feasible in seconds using NodeChef Cloud.

    It lets you connect a Bitbucket, GitLab, or GitHub repository for rapid deployments. You may also use Tar or Zip to encrypt your directory, browse your dashboards to pick files, and post a project.

    NodeChef provides high-performance SSD servers to build a strong infrastructure. It enables you to operate your database and applications on dedicated CPU, memory, and memory. It also offers data recovery, regular backups, sluggish monitoring, as well as database administration tools. The plans start at $9 per month.

    9. Google Cloud Web Hosting

    Google Cloud provides a plethora of Python libraries and APIs for your convenience. It provides robust tracking, troubleshooting, and logging. Periodically, you gain improved insights into the efficiency, reliability, and general health of your cloud-based Python programs.

    Furthermore, you may create ML models and execute data analysis using Google Cloud's sophisticated APIs.

    Use Google Cloud's scalability and reliable infrastructure to deploy your Python apps. Its innovative technology makes it simple to create, deploy, and manage apps. You may simply derive useful insights from your data using its APIs. Plans start at $12.70

    10. Platform.sh

    Platform.sh provides enterprise-grade hosting with "batteries included," which means you can use it directly with Python’s standard library without the need for additional packages.

    As a result, you may experience trouble-free deployment along with Elasticsearch, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, Redis, and SSL certificates at no extra cost. It supports Node.js, Python, and Java with native integration and microservices for building strong applications.

    Platform.sh provides immediate staging, allowing for continuous deployments. It offers you an immutable infrastructure to host Python applications for this purpose. It supports Python 2 and 3, as well as their Git-based workflow, making it easy to test your app on Python 2 before moving on to Python 3. The plans start at $10.


    Hopefully, this article will help you choose a good free python hosting platform and get your web application out in the world. Remember, choosing the wrong one may cost you a ton of time, effort, and money. Our best pick is the Kamatera express for its 30-day free trial, amazing hosting services, and high scalability features.

    However, you are free to choose one that fits your needs best. If you have any queries or doubts regarding it, you can reach out to us via comments.

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